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Black Arrow: UK space rocket returns home from Australia
…The UK's only rocket to successfully launch a satellite into orbit… feasibly the most important artefact linked to the UK's space history. "While our… headquarters and workshop in Edinburgh. 'Inspiring generations' Mr Smith said: "With the UK

Pigeon disease 'very unusual' in the UK
…. The disease is not common in the UK.…

China's slowdown and what it means for the UK
… further. How much does this matter to the UK? In terms of our exports, China's… is the UK's 6th largest trading partner. We sold them over £22bn worth of our goods… . Then there's the billions of pounds Chinese companies and entrepreneurs invest in the UK

'Betting' drones frustrating UK racecourses
… a betting advantage. Racecourses across the UK have reported an increase in unauthorised… the East Midlands Arena Racing Company (ARC), which own 16 courses across the UK

How do you transport a rhino from Germany to the UK?
…A critically endangered black rhino has been transported 500 miles across Europe as part of a breeding programme. Najuma travelled to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park via road and a ferry from a zoo in Germany. Any calves she produces with the…

Amazon issues no-deal Brexit advice to UK retailers
… of goods" between the UK and EU would stop in the event of a no-deal withdrawal. The UK… a no-deal Brexit? What could happen next? Currently, stock stored in Amazon's UK… sellers to "be prepared that any units in a UK fulfilment centre might…

Farage seeking 'new party' in case UK fights Euro elections
… stand, the European Parliament is axing most of the UK's seats, with a small number… to be re-allocated to other countries. The UK can delay Brexit without holding European… the UK has left the EU. The European Commission said it had "not received any UK

No-deal Brexit warning for UK drivers
…If UK motorists plan to drive abroad after 29 March, they need to act soon… confirmed by the European Commission. UK drivers living in the EU urged to get new… of insurance if the UK leaves the EU without a withdrawal deal. The documents are supplied…

Coventry City Council is UK's slowest to fill potholes
…Why do we have so many potholes? Coventry City Council has the longest response time in Britain for filling in serious potholes, new research has revealed. Figures released by motoring charity the RAC Foundation show the authority aims to…

UK groups fund illegal orphanages in Africa
… by UK charities, church groups and volunteers, the BBC has discovered. The Ugandan… orphanages in the country. The BBC attended the closure of one UK-funded home, where… children said they had been beaten and neglected. The Ugandan government urged UK